Handmade Wet Bags

I started making wet bags as shower gifts for expectant friends and family.  Then I discovered how great they work to keep wet swim suits away from dry clothes in the beach bag. Word got out...

Wet Bag Uses:
Wet bags can be used for transporting your soiled cloth diapers or clothing home from your time out and about.  Smaller wet bags are also great for mama pads, nursing pads, and wipes. Wet bags make great baby shower gifts!

These bags are also great for travel, separate clean clothes from dirty. Use it for Yoga or the gym to throw your work out clothes in. The uses are many!

 Wet Bag Features:
  • Zipper closures
  • Durable and convenient strap for hanging or carrying
  • Scent Tabs in all pockets to dab essential oils
  • Interior bags are made of waterproof PUL
  • Your choice of cute cotton fabric on the outside
Click here for my current fabric choices. If you don’t see anything you love, email me and I will see what I can do!

Single Pocket Wet Bag Available Sizes
Mini – 9”x10”
Regular – 12”x13”
Luxury – 15”x16”

Double Pocket Bags Available Sizes
Double Pocket Foldover Wet Bag– 12”x20” with two wet pockets sized 12”x9.5” and zippers on either end.  This bag folds in the middle and has a hook and button for easy storage.

Full Sized Double Pocket Wet Bag – 14”x20” with two full sized pockets with different colored zippers side by side to denote a clean side from a dirty side.

Mini Single Pocket Wet Bag  $18.50
Regular single pocket wet bag  $22.50
Luxury single pocket wet bag  $27.50

Double Pocket Foldover Wet Bag  $28.75
Full Sized Double Pocket Wet Bag  $38.75
Simply email me your order to get started - Lindsayssewfun AT gmail DOT com

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